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Photo Credit: Alexander Sargent; Photo caption: MADC artists completing a bow after Me<We: a solo dance concert.

MODArts Dance Collective (MADC), a Harlem based multicultural professional modern dance company established in 2011 by Leah & Shaun Tubbs, is composed of a community of dancers who strive to show up as their authentic selves inside and out of the studio, as well as doing the work to grow individually and as a collective. The company artists of MADC are the heart and soul of the organization as they move as an ensemble while shining their individual light throughout the work. These talented and gifted beings explore and investigate during class and the creative process to be in alignment with the intention while adding a richness of personal life experiences into the work to develop a deeper connection with each other and the audience.

MADC holds space for BIPOC through its choreographic work, festivals, concerts, residencies, & workshops. The vision of MADC is to reflect the historical and cultural legacy of black and brown communities through all of its offerings to people and audiences nationwide. The mission of MADC is to utilize movement as the catalyst to increase IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, & access) as a form of resistance & liberation for Black & Brown people nationwide. The core values of MADC are to create, share, and inspire:

  • We create work, curriculum, and syllabi to honor and celebrate the ancestors and elders whose shoulders that we stand on. 

  • We share movement that speaks to the history and subject matters relevant to all BIPOC communities. 

  • We inspire people through our choreographic work, classes, workshops, and residencies that hold safe, open spaces for Black & Brown people to heal, grow, and thrive as individuals and as a collective.


MADC creates dance that speaks true to the Black experience with its founding artistic director identifying as a cis identifying female with subject matters that connect to the cultural and historical landscape of her heritage. Their movement aesthetic employs a synthesis of movement from the African and Black American Diaspora: modern, jazz, and West African to celebrate the ancestors and honor the elders while articulating the human condition and spirit through the unbounded art form of dance. The company chooses movement and music that resonates with a multigenerational audience to forge more inclusive and accessible dance to inspire and spark hope within everyone who bears witness to the work.

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