Videographer: Shaun Tubbs; Viewpoints Music Excerpt: Stevie Wonder (I do not have the rights nor permission to use this music). Video Caption: Excerpts of Me<We: a solo dance concert including a spoken word artist, a saxophonist, a singer/songwriter, & MADC premiering Viewpoints.

MADC is thrilled to announce its' free outdoor live premiere of Sweet Child of Mine on June 26, 2021 during Fourth Arts Block's Art at Avenue B (between E 8th & E 9th Street and across from Tompkins Square Park); Performances are at 1:15pm & 2pm. 

Me<We: a solo dance concert builds community through the artistic mediums of dance, spoken word/poetry, & live music (instrumental & vocal). MADC's definition of Me<We is to encourage and nurture our independent unique selves through the principles of purpose and passion. How, through the rich examination of self we can ultimately grow closer, forming an unbreakable collective built on compassion and understanding.

Sweet Child of Mine Program Notes

Choreographed & Performed by: Veronica Cheeseboro, Shoshana Mozlin, Sharayah Spruill, Imani Vieira, & Leah Tubbs


Music by: Black Violin; You can click here for the Spotify Playlist.

 Description of Sweet Child of Mine

Sweet Child of Mine focuses on the adultification bias of Black girls. The roles and responsibilities of older girls to assist in the upkeep of the house and to be a role model for their younger siblings while outperforming in school and extracurricular activities may be too much for them to handle. The added pressure takes away a child’s innocence and derails her/them of social and psychological development & growth. It forces a girl to grow up before she is/they are mentally, emotionally, and psychologically equipped to do so. 


Sweet Child of Mine explores the dynamics between Black women holding onto the added responsibilities and expectations placed upon them from childhood, as well as how they can reverse the patterns placed on them by allowing girls to be children. MADC feels that this subject matter will resonate with families of Black & Brown communities, as well as educate and expose a broader audience to this ongoing issue that affects the relationship between parents and girls from all walks of life. The goal of the overall audience experience is to provide professional dance accessible to all while sparking dialogue amongst one another when viewing Sweet Child of Mine to begin a positive shift to reverse this ongoing societal issue. For more information regarding the adultification bias of Black girls, you can click here to view our Pinterest Inspiration Board.

 Sweet Child of Mine Community Engagement Activities

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Art Project

Self-Love Affirmation

Movement Exercise