MADC presents Collective Thread

MODArts Dance Collective (MADC) presents Collective Thread is to provide a voice and a platform for artistic self-impression to those women/womyn identifying choreographers of underrepresented ethnic groups within the medium of dance (African, Latina/o/x, Asian, Arab, Native American [ALAANA], MENA, & SWANA). The goal of Collective Thread is to instill artists with the necessary tools to take on leadership roles in an effort to increase diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the dance field. 

Video Caption: March 7 Participating Artists

Memories (excerpt)

Choreographed & Performed by: Leah Tubbs/MADC

Music: Otis Redding


The Other Rhythm

Choreographed by: Shachi Phene

Performed by: Manisha Agrawal, Vishney Ambalavanar, Proma Khosla, Anjali Mehta, Samiksha Nayak, Shachi Phene, & Priyanka Trivedi

Music by: "The Other Rhythm" – Nitin Shankar, Shankar Mahadevan, Shirish, Shridhar, & Taufiq Quereshi


Noor Dance Company explores a modern expression of classical Indian dance. Using movement based in Bharatanatyam technique, the choreography incorporates elements from contemporary forms to speak on themes relevant to today, including spirituality, mental health, gender, and tradition. These works are presented as stunning visual projects on stage and film. 

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There Will Be No Tulip 

Choreographed & Performed by: Akane Koizumi & Yu Fujiwara

Music by: This Passage by Shifted / Tulip by Steve Jones Swiff 


Akane Koizumi began learning ballet at age of 6 at Midori Moriya Ballet Studio in Japan. She has danced with Iwaki Ballet Company as a soloist. She came to NYC in 2014 and graduated from the Certificate Program of Peridance Capezio Center. She has trained contemporary dance, modern dance and ballet under various artists. She is currently working with Azul Dance Theater, IKADA Contemporary Dance Company, and various choreographers. IG


Yu Fujiwara is a native of Kanagawa, Japan. She graduated from Japan Women's College of Physical Education as a Dance Major in 2013 and is a licensed Physical Education Teacher. After she moved to New York, she studied at Ailey School, and Jennifer Muller/The Works. She is currently a member of Drye/Marinaro Dance Company and Brooklyn Royals Dance Team, as well as teaching dance and sports at Japanese Children's Academy & TC Rhythmics. She is also an Assisting Teaching Artist at Mark Morris Dance Center and Binbin Factory Kids Ballet. IG 


FIRES In Our Souls

Choreographed by: Audrey Hubbard Madison

Performed by: Cynthia Cummings, Angela Eargle-Bell, Sharon Holder, Sheila Kennedy, Bernadette Lewis, Angela Lomax, Jackie Davis-Manigaulte, Karen McClain Marvin, Beverly Moore, Marie Rosenberg, Frances Vidal, Terry Walden, & Audrey Hubbard Madison 

Music by: 1960 What by Gregory Porter


Audrey Hubbard Madison has been a teacher, dancer, and choreographer since she was a teenager. She was an original member of the Charles Moore Dance Theater and has toured the Caribbean as well as the United States.  Audrey retired from the New York City Department of Education after thirty-six years of service in both academic teaching and supervisory capacities. She also offers modern jazz dance classes at Dancewave Center for adults who “used to dance and those who always wanted to.” In addition to her company, MoJazz Dance, Audrey works with Seniors, choreographing as a guest artist for Dances for a Variable Population.  She is also a member of the 5 Plus Ensemble.




Choreographed by: Jenny Boissiere

Performed by: Genna Mattana and Sara Crayne-Dedrick 

Music by: 5 115 - Micheal Wall 


Jenny Boissiere is originally from New Orleans, and currently resides in Washington Heights. In 2016, Jenny founded DanceBoissiere, an all-female identifying ensemble that works collaboratively to create evocative dance works. Most recently, Jenny and DanceBoissiere were awarded two 2019 Creative Engagement Grants from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (LMCC) and Upper Manhattan Economic Empowerment Zone (UMEZ) to create Reflections//Refractions: The Empathy Project. She is thrilled to show work at Collective Thread and thanks Leah and Shaun for the opportunity. 

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Faces (Excerpt)

Choreographed & Performed by: Andrea N Smith

Music by: ‘Anna’ By: Gunnar Madsen

Poem: ‘We wear the mask’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar


Andrea Smith started her artistic training when she enrolled in Hillcrest High School Theatre Department. She has creatively worked on productions for Tap City On Broadway, Anonymous 7, St. John’s University, & Perth Performing Arts to name a few. She is now the Creative Director for REVOLUTIONARY ARTISTIC PRODUCTIONS (RAP). RAP provide innovative, thought provoking works of art that creates a strong platform for the emerging new voices of black woman and marginalized peoples. Our work is authentic and innovative which leads to visually, mentally, and soul provoking art. We combine every facet of art into film and production to bring a story that will enhance the minds and lives of millions.



Heart Stories

Choreographed & Performed by: Allyson Ross

Music by: "summrnite" Composed by Alexander Levers


Allyson Ross, a Norfolk, VA native and Harlem resident, studied dance at the Dance Theater of Harlem and Alonzo King Lines Ballet Training program. She has performed the works of several choreographers including Dwight Rhoden, Alonzo King, Robert Garland, Angel Kaba, Bobby Morgan, Mary Carbonara, Dexandro Montalvo, Leah Glenn and Kara Davis. She is currently dancing for Stacie Cannon's Hope Out Of The Hole and teaching and creating the curriculum for the Dance and Movement program at South Bronx Classical Charter School.She is a graduate of The College of William and Mary and Harvard University Graduate School of Education and very thankful to have a life in dance. She is currently working with Emily Vartanian at General Mischief Dance Theater.



Reclaiming My……(excerpt)

Choreographed by: Leah Tubbs/MADC

Performed by: Veronica Cheeseboro, Shoshana Mozlin, Sharayah Spruill, Courtney Stewart, & Imani Michael Vieira

Music by: JaBig’s Afro House Mix


Birmingham, AL native & Harlem resident Leah Tubbs studied dance at Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. She has had the great opportunity to work as a professional artist with numerous dance companies, teaching artist, and arts educator. Leah and Shaun Tubbs established MADC in 2011 to increase diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the dance field through its work, festivals, concerts, workshops, and residencies.

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Introduction & Recognition of the Create | Share | Inspire Award Recipient: Hope Clarke

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