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Collective Thread Residency

Music: Solange's Cranes in the Sky (Kaytranada DJ Edit) [I do not have the rights nor permission to use this music.] Video Caption: Highlighting the Collective Thread Residency process with the 2019 participating artists.

The Collective Thread Residency is an extension of MODArts Dance Collective's (MADC) annual Collective Thread Dance Festival. The residency is an incubator for women/womyn identifying people of color dancers ages 25+ to hone their technical skills and creative practices to develop new work through journaling, round table discussions, and movement based classes as a form of self-care. Artists will be invited to apply through a Google Form. Artists will be invited to attend the residency based on the following criteria reviewed by a panel of their peers in the industry: 1. Artistic Excellence 2. Artistic Statement/Vision/Mission and its connectivity with people of color 3. Subject matter relevant to women/womyn identifying people of color. Fifteen dance artists will be chosen due to the venue’s size and to build more authentic relationships with the artists, teaching artists, & round table facilitator. On each Sunday for four weeks in February & March 2020 (2/9, 2/16, 2/23, & 3/1) at Downtown Art, 70 E 4th Street, NY, NY 10002, the residency will consist of:

  • 30 minutes of journaling

  • 60 minute Pilates/Yoga class

  • 90 minute Contemporary/Modern class

  • 60 minutes of writing and discussion

  • 60 minutes of exploring whatever movement their newly discovered words or thoughts have inspired 

The four-week residency will conclude in a free informal showcase of the artist’s work developed during the tenure of the creative process on the last Saturday of March (3/7) at Downtown Art, 70 E 4th Street, NY, NY 10002. The purpose of the residency is to provide artists access to resources to assist in strengthening their creative voices. This residency will give women/womyn identifying people of color permission to heal in a safe, open space, the opportunity to share and strengthen their often silenced voices through dance, and create a platform for communities of color to have more accessibility and exposure to the kind of art that reflects their rich and varied histories and cultures. Click here for the 2019 participating artists' testimonials.


The Collective Thread Residency is supported in part through a commission from Downtown Art.