MADC presents Collective Thread

MODArts Dance Collective (MADC) presents Collective Thread is to provide a voice and a platform for artistic self-impression to those women/womyn identifying choreographers of underrepresented ethnic groups within the medium of dance (African, Latina/o/x, Asian, Arab, Native American [ALAANA], MENA, & SWANA). The goal of Collective Thread is to instill artists with the necessary tools to take on leadership roles in an effort to increase diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the dance field. 

Video Caption: March 6 Participating Artists

Memories (excerpt)

Choreographed & Performed by: Leah Tubbs/MADC

Music: Otis Redding

The Silk Route

Choreographed & Performed by: Preya Patel, Danielle Hartman & Paola Garcia

Music by: Mix of: Aramir by Loris Lombardo and Lasya by Anoushka Shankar


Preya Patel is a North Indian Classical Kathak dancer based in New York City trained under the guidance of Guru Smt. Jamuna Mitcham. Preya is known to be one of the rare teachers who was born in the US and pursued Kathak dance form fulltime as a profession. She continues to evolve her own knowledge now by further training from the world-renowned kathak Guru Smt. Vaishali Trivedi the disciple of kathak legend Padma Vibhushan Smt. Kumudini Lakhia. 


Preya has performed at numerous private and corporate events in the US, Canada and India, including at the United Nations, MTV3, Tiffany, & NY Times Travel Show – to name a few.  Recently, Preya choreographed a number of dances for a wedding aired on the popular television show, “Say Yes to the Dress.”


Currently, Preya, director/instructor at Vivarta Arts, teaches students in Long Island and Queens, NY. 

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Feteland of the Free 

Choreographed by: Shekoya Gordon

Performed by: Alaynia " Ms. Fox" La Porte, Halima King, Artemis Spiegel, & Shekoya Gordon

Music by: Kes-Savannah Grass Alison Hinds- Faluma Masquerade Riddim Sekon Sta, Erphaan Alves, Nailah Blackman- Brave  Problem Child - Nasty Up Terra d Governor- Black Power Rudylive- De fence Mixed by Hermy Potter


Shekoya Gordon grew up in Bronx, New York and graduated Cum Laude from Lehman College with her Dance B.A. In the last three years she has been apart of twenty-three works for various artists and also produced seven of her own. Her work has been presented at the Lovinger Theater, The Bronx Academy of Arts, and Ritz Theater. Her business, Wukkin with Kay, was established in 2019 to allow an insight into the colorful caribbean culture through dance. She teaches a multitude of styles to children and adults in New York and out of state. IG


FIRES In Our Souls

Choreographed by: Audrey Hubbard Madison

Performed by: Cynthia Cummings, Angela Eargle-Bell, Sharon Holder, Sheila Kennedy, Bernadette Lewis, Angela Lomax, Jackie Davis-Manigaulte, Karen McClain Marvin, Beverly Moore, Marie Rosenberg, Frances Vidal, Terry Walden, & Audrey Hubbard Madison 

Music by: 1960 What by Gregory Porter


Audrey Hubbard Madison has been a teacher, dancer, and choreographer since she was a teenager. She was an original member of the Charles Moore Dance Theater and has toured the Caribbean as well as the United States.  Audrey retired from the New York City Department of Education after thirty-six years of service in both academic teaching and supervisory capacities. She also offers modern jazz dance classes at Dancewave Center for adults who “used to dance and those who always wanted to.” In addition to her company, MoJazz Dance, Audrey works with Seniors, choreographing as a guest artist for Dances for a Variable Population. She is also a member of the 5 Plus Ensemble.




Choreographed by: Chatiera “Cookie” Ray

Performed by: LaRonica “Ronnie” Southerland, Adrianna “Spyda” Lanier, & Sam Sanders

Music by: Pearls by Sade

Poem: That Girl written by Tierra Khali


CRayProject, founded in 2015, is a black empowerment movement that allows artists to have a platform to be themselves. We tackle controversial topics and subject matter that needs awareness. CRayProject has many umbrellas; we have expertise in dance , music, film, and more. We believe in giving or community both RAW and educational art. But most importantly working together to build our community as black and brown people through different art forms.

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Devi and Shiva

Choreographed by: Sahana Madabhushi and Rukmini Vijayakumar

Performed by: Sahana Madabhushi

Music by: Indian classical music


Sahana Madabhushi has been learning and specializing in Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam for over 10+ years. She started SnD Productions with her friends to explore modern themes and social issues using Bharatanatyam technique and involving elements of various artistic mediums through graceful movements. She has won several dance competitions in the Tri-state area. SnD Productions have given over 75 shows across the United States and Canada including venues like Jazz @ Lincoln Center, United Nations, Mother Therasa's Canonization at Battery Park, Times Square, Nathan Phillips Square, Sesame Street, off Broadway theaters, & Consulate General of Philippines. Their dance was recognized in local TV and newspapers. One of their favorite parts of training is sharing their love of Bharatanatyam by teaching dance to younger and underprivileged students. Their interest in dance extends to other forms like Ballet, hip hop, Lyrical dance.

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No One Exists Alone

Choreographed by: Winter Bosanko

Performed by: Deonna Clinton

Music by: Pisces Pace by Dave Hamilton, Lovesong by Max Cooper, & Smile by Nat King Cole


Winter Bosanko is in her fifth season with Jacksonville Dance Theatre (JDT) where she also serves as the coordinator and teaching specialist for JDT’s Creative Dance in Schools outreach program. While pursuing her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Bosanko has been creating, collaborating, and putting on shows in her backyard with the Jacksonville community through Winter Dance Projects. Bosanko is on faculty at Florida State College of Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Ballet, and The Florida Ballet where she teaches Pilates and Contemporary Modern Dance. She received her BFA from Jacksonville University. IG


Reclaiming My……(excerpt)

Choreographed by: Leah Tubbs/MADC

Performed by: Veronica Cheeseboro, Shoshana Mozlin, Sharayah Spruill, Courtney Stewart, & Imani Michael Vieira

Music by: JaBig’s Afro House Mix


Birmingham, AL native & Harlem resident Leah Tubbs studied dance at Alabama School of Fine Arts (ASFA) and the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. She has had the great opportunity to work as a professional artist with numerous dance companies, teaching artist, and arts educator. Leah and Shaun Tubbs established MADC in 2011 to increase diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the dance field through its work, festivals, concerts, workshops, and residencies.

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