Collective Thread

Arielle Crook
Arielle Crook

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Basma Arfaoui
Basma Arfaoui

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Cheri Stokes
Cheri Stokes

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Arielle Crook
Arielle Crook

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Photo Caption: Photos of the 2021 Collective Thread Artists. 

MODArts Dance Collective (MADC) is elated to announce its seventh annual dance festival, Collective Thread, on March 17-19, 2022 7:30 PM; Location: TBA + Livestream & On Demand Option. The purpose of Collective Thread is to provide a voice and a platform for artistic self-impression to those women/womxn identifying artists of underrepresented ethnic groups within the medium of dance. The goal of Collective Thread is to instill artists with the necessary tools to take on leadership roles in an effort to increase diversity, inclusion, and gender equality in the dance field. 


Up to twenty national and international artists will be chosen to present 5-15 minutes of a dance work or dance film in one of the live evening concerts on March 17-19, 2022 7:30 PM in one of the following options:

  • Live performance (new, previously presented, or work in progress) in the festival venue + tech before the scheduled performance; venue - TBA

  • Pre recorded performance to be livestreamed during the festival; venue - TBA

  • Live & Pre recorded performance; Please note that the selection panel may choose one of the two submission


*****Please note that all artists performing live would need to comply with the Key to NYC mandate. For more information, you can click here.*****


The 2022 open submission call is November 15 - 11:59 PM EST on January 31, 2022. National & international artists including people with disabilities of all dance genres are encouraged to apply.  Artists can submit one of the following work samples with their application + $10 application fee for one piece or $20 for two pieces:

  • A work (new, previously performed, or work in progress) to perform live in person in one of the evening concerts

  • A work (new, previously performed, or work in progress) to be livestreamed during the dance festival

  • A dance film to be livestreamed during the dance festival


There is a $10 application fee to submit one work or $20 to submit two works via 

Zelle (account name:, 

PayPal (account name:, 

or Venmo (account name: @modarts_dance). 

If you do not have one of the aforementioned accounts, please contact MADC directly at or (929) 352-5253 for alternate forms of payment. There is no participation fee if chosen. Please note that the $10/$20 application fee goes towards the performance venue and production costs. All artists will be notified by 11:59 PM EST on Monday, February 7, 2021. If chosen, artists will sign a letter of agreement to confirm her/their participation in the dance festival. Participating artists will either present their work live or their work will be livestreamed during one of live evening concerts on March 17-19, 2022 7:30 PM, as well as tech before their scheduled concert if performing in person, free admission to the festival’s movement based classes, the opportunity to participate in the festival’s round table discussion, and amplify the artists’ voices through advertising & marketing.

2021 Artists/Dance Companies

2021 CREATE | SHARE | INSPIRE AWARD Recipients: Sheila Rohan &

Ella Thompson Moore

Makayla Peterson/Monét Movement Productions: The Collective, Monica Shah, Fang-Ting Yeh, Ashley Pierre-Louis, Arielle "seria" Crook, Basma Arfaoui, Mimi Liu, Andrea Smith/Revolutionary Artistic Productions, Jessica Gabrielle Thomas/Selah Gabrielle, Beatrice Capote, Jamison Curcio, Gelline Guevarra/GG Projects Allyson Ross/SouthernBelleStories, Audrey Madison/MoJazz Dance, Chien-Ying Wang/OcampoWang Dance, Bre Seals/BREathe Dance Project, Mushtari Afroz, Cheri Stokes, & Leah Tubbs/MODArts Dance Collective (MADC)

2020 CREATE | SHARE | INSPIRE AWARD Recipient: Hope Clarke

2020 Artists/Dance Companies

Preya Patel/Vivarta Arts, Shekoya Gordon, Audrey Hubbard Madison/MoJazz Dance, Chatiera Ray/The CRay Project, LLC, Sahana Madabhushi /SnD Productions, Winter Bosanko/Winter Dance Projects, Shachi Phene/Noor Dance Academy, Akane Koizumi & Yu Fujiwara/A&Y duo, Jenny Boissiere/DanceBoissiere, Andrea Smith/Revolutionary Artistic Productions, & Allyson Ross/SouthernBelleStories

2019 Artists/Dance Companies
2018 Artists/Dance Companies

Malaika Holder (The Bronx, NY)   Lindsay Renea Benton (Montgomery, AL)   Julianne Cariño (Brooklyn, NY)   Sunae Hwang/SUNPROJECT (Queens, NY)   Shilpa Darivemula/The Aseemkala Initiative (Delmar, NY)   Italy Bianca (New York, NY)   Jenny Boissiere/Dance Boissiere (New York, NY)   Melissa Villarreal/Lotus Contemporary Performing Arts (Austin, TX)   Lauren C. Smith/The Elsie Project (Fairborn, GA)   Brianna Anderson (The Bronx, NY)  Kacei Womack (Philadelphia, PA)   Akane Koizumi & Yu Fujiwara (New York, NY)   Chien-Ying Wang/OcampoWang Dance (Monmouth Juction, NJ)  Beverly Lopez/REDi Dance Company (The Bronx, NY)   Audrey Hubbard Madison/ MoJazz Dance (Brooklyn, NY)   Ayako Takahashi | Ayalis in Motion (Queens, NY)   Jenny Oliver/Connections Dance Theater (Boston, MA)  Allyson Ross/Southern Belle Stories (New York, NY)   Anuradha Naimpally (Austin, TX)

2017 Artists/Dance Companies

Anuradha Naimpally (Austin, TX)   Chatiera Ray/The CRayProject (Long Beach, CA)   Alyssa M. Parnell (Birmingham, AL)   Audrey Hubbard Madison/MoJazz Dance (Brooklyn, NY)   Kaoru Ikeda/MoustacheCat Dance​ (New York, NY)   Melissa Escano (formerly Melissa Garcia Velez)[The Bronx, NY]   Leah Moriarty (Brooklyn, NY)   Angel Chinn/NonaLee Dance Theatre (Brooklyn, NY)   Cyrian Reed/Creative Discipline (Riverside, CA)   SunAe Hwang/SUNPROJECT (Queens, NY)   Chien-Ying Wang/OcampoWang Dance (Monmouth Junction, NJ)   ​Sadé M. Jones/Ashé Arts (Austin, TX)   Natasha Natraj ​(New York, NY)​   Beverly Lopez/​REDi Dance (The Bronx, NY)   Jessica T. Pearson (Providence, RI)   Allyson Ross/Southern Belle Stories (New York, NY)   Courtney J. Cook (Brooklyn, NY)    Francine E. Ott (Brooklyn, NY)   Clarice Young (Brooklyn, NY)   Courtni Poe (​Hermitage TN)   Robyn Ayers (New York, NY)

2016 Artists/Dance Companies

Brianna Anderson (New York, NY)   Robyn Ayers (New York, NY)   Jenny Boissiere/Jenny Boissiere and Dancers (New York, NY)   Angel Chinn/NonaLee Dance Theatre (Brooklyn, NY)   Shauna Davis/Shauna Davis Dance (New York, NY)   Chieh Hsiung (New York, NY)   SunAe Hwang/SUNPROJECT (Queens, NY)   Darnetha Lincoln M'Baye/Roots In Revolution (New York, NY)   Jessica T. Pearson (Providence, RI)

Lauren C. Smith (Jacksonville, FL)   Chien-Ying Wang & Paul C. Ocampo (Monmouth Junction, NJ)   Brittany Wilson (Queens, NY)