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Photo Credit: Alexander Sargent; Photo caption: MADC artists completing a bow after Me<We: a solo dance concert.

MODArts Dance Collective (MADC), a Harlem based multicultural professional modern dance company, is comprised of a community of dancers who strive for technical growth and artistic nourishment.  MADC employs a synthesis of ballet and modern blended with Afro centric undertones to articulate the human condition and spirit through the unbounded art form of dance. MADC uses movement as a vehicle to connect, inspire, and ignite a spark of hope within multitudes of people from various walks of life. 

The artistic vision of MADC is to give a voice to the underrepresented and often silenced communities of color to create more empathy and compassion in our world. The mission of MADC is to utilize movement as the catalyst to increase diversity, inclusion, and gender equality to audiences and communities nationwide.

​MADC knows firsthand the importance of representation in the dance field. MADC is passionate about being a vehicle of change for artists of color to grow as art educators, to create a community of open minded and thoughtful movers, and to mentor dance makers that challenge, motivate, and inspire the world around them. MADC provides a safe, open space where artists can present their work as they continue to hone and develop their artistic voices and instill artists with the necessary tools to take on leadership roles in their artistic discipline and community.